Your PMA is PMO!

Good evening! Is it? Maybe, maybe not. But with a positive mental attitude, it definitely will be. You choose your mood, you choose to have a good day, you make things happen. And some days you do,…

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The problems with becoming an evidence-based teacher: Science and Pseudoscience in Education

The difficulties of science and pseudoscience in education. An issue close to my heart.

the unconscious curriculum

A scientific approach to our teaching methods is a commitment to a systematic way of thinking, a healthy skepticism about ones own ideas and those of other people.  It is the ability to see the classroom as a laboratory in which one can observe with an open mind.  One can develop testable questions, gather facts and test predictions but the classroom is a complicated laboratory where there are many issues to consider including cause and effect, validity, replication and generalisability.  Nonetheless, becoming a more evidence-based profession is one of the most important battles we must have in the teaching community but the journey is full of pitfalls and false hopes.

However, this approach is sometimes counter-intuitive and contradicts much received wisdom and ‘best’ practice.  The prevailing voice in school leadership is not usually the one with the most evidence, but those who wear the most pips on their shoulders.  We…

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She’s more than able to drink me under the table

The  Crowns at The Sebright Arms. My first visit to the venue and my first view of the band live, and both left me wanting to do it all again. The Sebright Arms, down a grungy little passage that brings you into a world far removed from the wastelands of Hackney, to a lovely pub with comfy sofas, good beers, and a very good sauvignon blanc (not so rock n roll I admit). Underneath the pub is a small, low ceilinged room, with a stage set about six inches off the floor, making for a very intimate performance. The Crowns played with fantastic energy, the crowd feeding off them as they bounced and danced, screamed, shouted and sang along in a way that matched the joyous attitude of the band themselves. There were some slower moments,  giving the crowd a much needed breather, and an emotional resonance that contrasted nicely with the wittier lyrics of the other songs. Musically, a brilliant mix of Irish jigging, electric guitar, and a drummer who knows how to use his sticks. No encore, but as the band explained…they don’t like wasting good playing time walking off stage to be asked back, they know when a crowd wants to hear more. We certainly did! Go see for joyous, , bouncy love.

Ok isn’t metal…but so what? It’s good.